Eastward aerial view of Hareid, Norway

People with an urge to explore

This is where we come from: a hub of maritime innovation since Viking times. Here, extraordinary seafarers have ventured in new directions and tackled challenges for centuries. The wild Atlantic Ocean makes the rules. Survival depends on quality and skill.

Jets™ is a product of this spirit. Our passion for excellent craftsmanship and our commitment to finding better ways of doing things are inbred in this region.

Extraordinary seafarers since the age of the Vikings

The Vikings built elegant ships with supple hulls designed to ride off the storms. The speed and seaworthiness of these vessels amaze those who sail in modern replicas. Here in Norway, our way of life has depended on skilled shipbuilders for centuries.

Fisheries for generations

Almost three quarters of Norway's land is unproductive - but it has some of the world's richest fishing grounds. With the shortage of farming land, the people of the north turned to the ocean at their doorstep for food. Today, cod, haddock and herring are among the North Sea fish prized by chefs for succulent dishes at the world's finest restaurants. After oil, seafood is the country's second largest export. The North Sea may be Earth's harshest ocean, but its wealth of fish has nourished the people on its jagged coasts and islands since the Viking ages.

Specialized ships for oil and gas

When oil was discovered under the North Sea floor, our local community turned its skills and innovation to developing the world's most advanced offshore vessels. Western Norway quickly became one of the world's most important maritime clusters. Globally, Norway is the third largest oil exporter. Today it takes only three days to produce as much oil as was produced in all of 1971, when production in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea began.

Since the oil age dawned, the community surrounding Jets™ has designed and built more than 1,000 offshore ships robust enough to handle the ocean on its doorstep. It has developed advanced technology to equip these ships, which sail in waters from the Americas to Asia and Africa. These vessels are designed for specialized tasks at ever greater depths - ranging from seismology, supply, and cable-laying to launch and recovery of submersibles.

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