Island Constructor, a specialized offshore vessel built by the Ulstein Group - photo: Tony Hall

Our neighbours inspire and challenge us -

- the result is competitive edge. The maritime cluster around Jets™ is at the global forefront of technology. An ever-present dedication to making the world's best ships and ship equipment has given this community a worldwide name for quality and on-time delivery. These are some of our good neighbours in this cluster.

World-renowned ship design

At the heart of our marine community are the ship designers, whose experience and innovative talent have won them an international reputation. They draw on feedback from their neighbouring shipbuilders and shipowners to design vessels that will meet the performance and cost challenges of tomorrow:

  • Skipsteknisk
  • Kverndokk & Eldøy
  • Rolls-Royce Marine Design
  • Ulstein Group
  • Marin Teknikk


World-class equipment suppliers

The innovative maritime industry of this region inspires continuous new development of ship's equipment that promotes safety and productivity: propellers, thrusters, compressors, lighting, remote control systems for the propulsion and manoeuvring of vessels, rudders, bulk handling systems, anchor handling equipment, winch systems and deck machinery - to name a few.

  • Brunvoll
  • Sperre
  • Libra
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Scana Volda
  • Glamox
  • Odim


High-end shipbuilders

It was the success of the shipyeards in western Norway that generated many of the maritime niche businesses in the area. Now the knowledge base, specialized infrastructure and strong connections in the cluster are enabling the shipyards to face new challenges - integrating advanced technology and expertise to maintain their competetive edge.

  • Ulstein Group
  • STX Europe
  • Kleven Maritime


Far-sighted shipowners

The shipowners complete the circle, sending their vessels all around the world. Under intense pressure to achieve smarter operation, greater efficiency and lower costs, the shipowners are constantly presenting the maritime cluster with new demands and new ideas. An open dialogue between shipowners, yards, designers and equipment suppliers results in innovative and practical solutions.

  • Havila
  • Farstad Shipping
  • Bourbon Offshore
  • Island Offshore
  • Olympic Shipping
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