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Greentech future

Even with half of the world's ships being built with vacuum systems now choosing Jets™ systems, the thought of being complacent about our business has not occured to us. The demand for environmentally friendly, energy-saving sanitary technology onshore is steadily increasing.

The revolution continues

Over the years we have been continually improving our products, launching new ones, and developing vacuum technology further. And because of our determination to remain the market leader in vacuum sanitation, we spend a great deal of resources on research and development so we can continue to launch new and revolutionizing products in the future as well.

Environmental consciousness

In the last few years, the world has seen a growth in environmental consciousness, both in the governments of the world and in the general population. The consequences of our ways of life have started to dawn on us, and some of those ways will have to change. Saving and preserving our water resources is a good start, and Jets™ is already doing that. 

Release the potential

The global potential for saving water using vacuum sanitary systems in buildings is enormous. The Greentech solutions needed to make it happen are already available from Jets™. Our customers trust us to deliver innovative, environmentally friendly sanitary solutions, and we will not let them down. At Jets™ we continue our efforts to make vacuum sanitation the solution of choice for ships, buildings and the transportation industry.

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