The Jets™ spirit has led to success

The management shares their views on factors that contribute to make Jets™ a success in a highly competitive market.


"The Team Works!"

"Building relationships both inside and outside the company is the essence of my job. We need to work across functional and cultural boundaries to turn the Jets™ vision into reality.

Finding the right mix of experience, continuity and innovation is at the heart of our successful growth.

I grew from the local maritime environment, with its passion for finding excellent solutions. It is a tradition we plan to continue in our team. The strong loyalty and commitment of our people make it possible."

Jan Tore Leikanger
CEO, Jets Vacuum AS
Jan Tore Leikanger



"We are continuously looking for better ways of doing things and better technical solutions.

A solid internal organization with skilled and talented people combined with our network of highly qualified representatives makes us more capable than ever.

At Jets™ we will continue to dedicate our energy to Sanitary Systems Made To Please."

Ole-Christian Fotland
Sales and Marketing Director
Ship & Offshore division

Ole-Christian Fotland
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