From vision to value

Jets™ business developer Kåre Haddal explains the story behind the commercial success of Jets™, after Olav Hofseth invented the Vacuumarator™ pump technology and founded the company in 1986.

The need for a team

"Olav's compact Vacuumarator™ pump was a brilliant invention. But we needed a team behind it to fulfill our market ambitions. From the maritime cluster around us, we recruited a talented team. Our people combined their skills to take the system to the next level as a commercial product manufactured in higher volumes."

The cluster advantage

"I focused on the organizational, financial and commercial aspects of the business so that Olav could concentrate on the technical development. We discussed our ideas with the experts in this environment - ship designers, shipbuilders, shipping companies, and crew members."


"At Jets™ we believe in strong visions. In partnership with our representatives and our customers, we have managed to turn our visions into reality. Jets™ is today the front runner in our field."

Breakthroughs in new markets

"Our idea has proved its worth in a demanding international market. And with less than a litre per flush, Jets™ is making inroads into new markets where water or space for sewage is scarce. Recent breakthroughs include solutions for large buildings, cabins and trains. Using water efficiently is important to all of us - and for the generations to come."


Kåre Haddal - Jets™ business developer


"We challenged a monopoly and managed to create a commercial success..."

Kåre Haddal
Jets™ Business developer 

Kåre Haddal
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