Accelerating sales

The number of Jets™ installations is accelerating, with more than half the world's new vacuum-equipped ships now choosing our water-saving vacuum systems. We owe this in great deal to our close network of enthusiastic, highly qualified representatives with professional experience.

Sales figures are going up onshore as well, as water consumption and water prices in most countries continue to rise.

Deep understanding from customer feeback

The know-how in marine sanitation that we have developed over the years is one of our most important assets. Every response from our customers gives us an opportunity to improve performance and reduce costs even more.

A strong combination

Combining customer feedback with our practical experience and expertise gives us a strong basis for fulfilling your current and future needs. Jets™ is dedicated to development and will continue to enhance our competitive edge, to continue this positive trend.


Sales figures

The sales figures started out just as slow as the number of installations, but picked up speed as owners of increasingly larger ships learned about the benefits of Jets™ systems.


Jets™ has a very strong economy and a solid equity that allows us to use considerable resources on product innovation, research, and development.

Number of ship installations

As the Jets™ reputation grew throughout the 1990s, so did our sales. From the mid-nineties, the number of Jets™ installations skyrocketed.

Ship & Offshore market shares

We have conquered half the world market for ships. We have an important position in alle the world's major shipbuilding countries.

And the number of Jets™ installations is accelerating.

This illustration shows Jets™ market shares in the shipping and offshore markets in the world's largest shipbuilding nations.
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