Building and ship vacuum system illustration

Vacuum advantages

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems have several advantages over their traditional gravity counterparts. With more than 200,000 Jets™ vacuum toilets in operation, on all continents and on the seven seas, the pleasing features of Jets™ systems are appreciated by owners and operators of ships and buildings world wide.

How can such a simple system work so well?

The system consists of toilets and greywater interfaces connected to a vacuum generator via the piping.
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Design flexibility

The ability to install sewage pipes horizontally and even upwards gives great flexibility when installing the piping system in a building or a ship. Vacuum toilets and other system components can be positioned without regard to the gravity requirements of traditional toilet systems.
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Environmentally friendly

With low water use, reduced sewage volumes and thus less power consumption, our vacuum systems really are environmentally sound solutions.
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Smaller pipes

Vacuum systems use small 2"/50mm diameter pipes that are easy to place in floors, ceilings, walls and decks. They save substantial amounts of space compared to normal gravity system pipes.
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Fewer installation hours

Vacuum pipes can be installed at a later stage than traditional gravity pipes, using less manpower and installation hours to complete the piping installation.
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Less water required

Vacuum systems use much less water than their traditional counterparts. Both on ships and in buildings this means there is less fresh water to treat, pump and store. The size requirements for sewage treatment plants also drop accordingly.
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For any size system

The scalability of our vacuum solutions allow their use in almost every possible scenario, from one-toilet cabin systems to the world's largest cruise vessels with thousands of toilets.
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Tried and trusted technology

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems have been used in ships since the 1980s, and have proven highly reliable even when used to operate thousands of toilets on board the world's largest cruise liners.
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