Norwegian University of Life Sciences - Sørhellinga building

Jets™ and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Jets™ cooperates with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) to enhance and simplify the technologies used to treat sanitary wastewater from buildings and other onshore users.

Wastewater treatment

The university and Jets™ share an interest in research and development of environment-friendly technology - particularly for treating and reusing greywater and blackwater.

Recovery and reduction

Our common goals are to use sewage to produce renewable energy, recover nutrients and reduce energy consumption and emission levels associated with sewage transport and handling.

Refining the technology

Treatment solutions developed by Jets™ and NMBU are now commercially available, although a system is still subject to full-scale testing in the Sørhellinga building at the university. The continued testing allows us to continually improve the treatment technology.


Treatment technology breakthrough

The greywater treatment plant that has been developed is a biological unit that uses no chemicals. It allows users to dramatically reduce sewage volumes by separating and treating greywater to a level of purity where it can be safely released back into nature.
Biological treatment plant exploded view

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