Training session by the Jets™ Lab piping simulator

The Jets™ Lab

Located at our Hareid head office, the Jets™ Lab is our very own product development and testing laboratory. The full-scale test simulator for piping systems in the Jets™ Lab has impressed a large number of visitors, as has our prototype production capabilities.

Innovation, prototyping and testing

The Jets™ Lab is heavily involved in our product development, innovation work and in-house prototyping. The lab also does testing of recently developed components and solutions prior to product launches.

Solutions for tomorrow

Operated by the Jets™ Research and Development department, the Jets™ Lab is working on vacuum solutions for tomorrow and beyond, in close cooperation with our partner Mjøs Metallvarebrikk. Refining our Greentech solutions to further enhance their water saving potential will allow us to truly push the envelope on environmentally friendly sanitary systems.

Full-scale piping simulator

The full-scale piping simulator installed in the Jets™ Lab enables the R&D department to accurately simulate how the movements of a ship in rough waters affect a vacuum piping system's operation, with full control over the simulated vessel's pitching movement in the water.

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