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Dedicated to sustainable development

At Jets™ we have always been dedicated to improving and refining our products. Although we like to think that our product range and vacuum technology is the best in the market, we are constantly looking to improve it and at the same time innovate new, ground-breaking solutions.

Environmental awareness is good business

Coming up with better, streamlined manufacturing techniques that require less energy and materials, is important. Using those techniques to make better products that use less energy and perform better, is equally important. This does not only lower our energy consumption, resulting in less air pollution and a cleaner environment - it's also good business.

Technological cutting edge

We believe there is still a lot of research and innovation ahead of us, and we see the potential for reaching new milestones in vacuum sanitation. Jets™ employees work hard to keep our company at the cutting edge of vacuum technology, working closely with our customers and keeping our eyes and ears open to their requests. Our world-wide network of representatives provides us with valuable insight from different global perspectives, and we use this feedback to improve ourselves.

The Jets™ Lab: innovating better systems

At our head office at Hareid, Norway, the Jets™ Lab keeps working on better sanitary systems that use less resources. Among other things, this state-of-the-art lab facility features a controllable, moving, full-size vacuum piping installation, enabling us to simulate conditions aboard a ship in rough waters.

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