Jets™ 250NT Vacuumarator™ unit

Introducing our new XXL vacuum pump: Jets 250NT

With nearly four times the capacity of our second largest vacuum pump, the capabilities of the brand new Jets™ 250NT pump are undisputable. Large in capacity yet compact in size, each 250NT pump can handle 2,500 flushes per hour. Several pumps can be combined in a powerful vacuum generating unit with massive capacity.

In a league of its own

The slightly older 65MB pump, which has been our largest model until now, has a capacity of 600 flushes per hour. While this is an impressive number from a very efficient and compact pump, it is just not in the same territory as our new 250NT.

The answer to customers' requests

A great testimony to the innovational spirit of Jets™, the 250NT was created to meet the world's shipping industry's demands for ships that are being designed to accomodate larger and larger numbers of passengers. Development of the 250NT was carried out by Jets™ and our co-owned pump manufacturing partner Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS.

Frequency control for flexible operation

Recent testing shows that the 250NT has very promising power management characteristics while keeping a constant pre-set vacuum level in pipe systems, owing to the frequency control on the motor. 

We are very excited to offer you our new 250NT!


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