Jets™ toilet and valve, rear view

Other achievements

Jets™ has had several breakthroughs in vacuum sanitation technology, and we aim to come up with even better solutions in the future. Here is a selection of our achievements so far.


For the end user, nothing about a sanitary system is more important than design and reliability. Throughout the industry, Jets™ toilets have earned a reputation for reliable operation. In recent years, customer requirements have shifted towards more well-designed and visually pleasing toilets. 

To meet these requirements, Jets™ has spent considerable resources on developing a new toilet design (photo link). The new toilet model features a minimalistic design that is both easy to install and easy to keep clean.

Toilet flush and discharge valves

Vacuum systems require specialized valves (photo link) for reliable operation. When closed, the valves must be air-tight. When open, they must allow greywater and/or blackwater to enter the piping system fast and efficiently, and without blockages.

Jets™ supplies a range of electronically operated and vacuum operated valves for use in all types and sizes of vacuum systems. Our most recently developed valve features considerably quieter operation than previous models, and is used in our new toilet design.

Interface tanks and discharge valves

Greywater interface tanks (photo link) allow water from wash basins, showers and washing machines to enter a vacuum system safely. Interceptors are small greywater tanks that are primarily used inside supermarket freezers to drain condensation water. 

Jets™ interface tanks and interceptors feature automatically controlled valves that open when the tank is filled to a pre-set level, letting water into the vacuum piping system. The fully automated operation of these tanks provide ease of mind for the owners and operators of Jets™ systems.

Treatment technology

Ground-breaking treatment units for greywater have been developed by Jets™ and the Norwegian University for Life Sciences. Our treatment units purify greywater to a level classified as good bathwater. Like most of our other products, these treatment units offer scalability. They can be used as single units for an individual cabin or home, or in groups to treat greywater from entire populated areas.

Installing a Jets™ greywater treatment unit for a cabin in vulnerable Norwegian nature.
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