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Sustainable solutions

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems reduce both water and sewage volumes. By using less than 1 litre (1/4 gallon) of water per flush, Jets™ systems represent the change in sanitary technology that the world needs. The gravity toilet is an outdated design that uses far too much of our water and energy resources. Change has come - and it's available from Jets™.

Easy retrofits - easy treatment

With their small diameter pipes, Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems can easily and rapidly replace existing gravity piping systems in buildings, enabling the installation of source separation systems that handle blackwater and greywater separately. Greywater can then be easily treated near its outlet, while the blackwater volume is reduced by up to 90% - along with the energy needed to transport and treat that blackwater.

Smaller treatment facilities

Since greywater can be treated locally and biologically and sewage treatment plants only have to deal with low volumes of blackwater, sewage treatment plants can be built smaller - both in terms of the space they take up and in the amount of energy they use.

Lower risk of spills

As sewage volumes are reduced by up to 90%, sewage transport and handling in treatment plants will no longer pose as great a threat to local waters, rivers and streams. In the event that a spill does occur, the potential spill volume is nowhere near as big as it would have been with traditional gravity systems.

Jets™ sanitary systems are Greentech solutions for a sustainable future.

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