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Toilet waste, known as blackwater, and water used for household purposes such as washing, known as greywater, can not simply be released back into nature after use. They hold contaminants and have to be treated accordingly. This is hard to accomplish efficiently in traditional wastewater systems where greywater is transported through the same pipes as blackwater.

What can Jets™ do?

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems allow greywater to be transported and handled entirely separate from blackwater - an approach called source separation. Using Jets™ greywater treatment technology with a source separating waste water system, greywater can be treated to a level of purity that is actually safe to swim in.
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In order to efficiently treat the ever increasing volumes of sewage that mankind produces, a change has to come. The gravity water toilet that has been around for centuries would have been banned if it was invented today, because it uses too much of one our most precious resources - water - and produces too much sewage.
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Sustainable solutions

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems reduce both water and sewage volumes. By using less than 1 litre (1/4 gallon) of water per flush, Jets™ systems represent the change in sanitary technology that the world needs. The gravity toilet is an outdated design that uses far too much of our water and energy resources. Change has come - and it's available from Jets™.
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Sewage as a resource

We all tend to think of sewage as an unpleasant problem that has to be dealt with. It's time to rethink.
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Jets™ and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Jets™ cooperates with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) to enhance and simplify the technologies used to treat sanitary wastewater from buildings and other onshore users.
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Jets™ is a member of the Norwegian Green Building Council

The Norwegian Green Building Council is a non-commercial association for companies involved in every aspect of construction and real estate in Norway. Jets™ joined this association because we offer products and services that truly improve sustainability in buildings.
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