Water spiral from above

Our commitment

25% of the world's fresh water is used to transport human waste through traditional gravity toilets. A typical western citizen uses 17,000 litres of water every year to flush toilets, and every time you flush you are using at least 8 litres of fresh water to transport 0,2 litres of human waste. Jets™ is commited to changing these numbers, and we have been doing it successfully for decades.

How do we do it?

The way we change the numbers is by changing the composition of the sewage. Our vacuum systems use mostly air to transport the 0,2 litres of human waste. Less than a litre of water is used - compared to at least 8 litres in gravity toilets. Time is running out for the traditional toilet. Time has come for change; for sustainable solutions and vacuum toilets.
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Reducing biological impact

We live on a fragile planet, and are entrusted with the responsibility to keep it in good shape so our descendants can enjoy life here the way we do. The only way to accomplish this is to stop wasting our resources and thereby reducing our biological impact on the planet. Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems are designed to do just that.
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