Three blue earths

The environment benefits from Jets technology

How can Jets™ help to reduce the load on our planet's resources? The answer is simple: our vacuum sanitary systems cut water use by up to 90% and also reduce sewage volumes correspondingly, resulting in lower energy consumption for supplying water, and for storing and handling sewage. In short, Jets™ delivers real-world solutions to pressing real-world challenges: water, sewage and energy.

75% of the earth's surface is water - but less than 1% of it is precious fresh water, which we waste by using it to flush our toilets. Sewage volumes grow exponentially with the global population increase and increased standard of living. And so more and more energy is used to supply our fresh water, and to transport and treat our sewage.

Our commitment

25% of the world's fresh water is used to transport human waste through traditional gravity toilets. A typical western citizen uses 17,000 litres of water every year to flush toilets, and every time you flush you are using at least 8 litres of fresh water to transport 0,2 litres of human waste. Jets™ is commited to changing these numbers, and we have been doing it successfully for decades.
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Water conservation

In most of the world, fresh water is scarce and should be treated as a valuable resource. Instead, a lot of the precious fresh water is flushed down the drain to transport human waste. As time goes by and the world population grows, water demand increases and fresh water prices are set to soar.
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Toilet waste, known as blackwater, and water used for household purposes such as washing, known as greywater, can not simply be released back into nature after use. They hold contaminants and have to be treated accordingly. This is hard to accomplish efficiently in traditional wastewater systems where greywater is transported through the same pipes as blackwater.
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