Water-saving solutions from Norwegian Jets corporation at Expo in Shanghai

(Tuesday, April 27, 2010)

When Expo 2010 opens in Shanghai on April 30th, the Norwegian pavilion is filled with the best Norway has to offer in terms of both nature and technology. Norwegian sanitary solutions supplier Jets combines both with their world-leading vacuum toilet technology. Using just 1 litre (1/4 gal.) of water per flush, vacuum toilets greatly reduce the environmental impact from toilet use.

The Expo 2010 theme is "Better City, Better Life", a theme that goes hand in hand with the resource saving solutions which the Jets corporation has installed in Shanghai. In a day and age where both the world population and the world's megacities grow at an unprecedented rate, good resource management has become vital in large parts of the world - especially when it comes to water.

Jets was chosen as a partner and supplier to the Norwegian pavilion by Norway at Expo 2010 and state-owned Innovation Norway, the company responsible for Norway's Expo involvement, says CEO Jan Tore Leikanger of Jets: - Needless to say, we are thrilled that Innovation Norway chose Jets, and feel that it contributes to strengthen and fortify our position as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly sanitary solutions. With the number of visitors expected, our vacuum systems will save millions of litres of water in the Norwegian pavilion alone during Expo 2010. This shows the enormous potential for saving water in other buildings all around the world, Leikanger says.

Even though Jets in Norway and Expo 2010 in Shanghai are on opposite sides of the world, the opening of Expo 2010 will be celebrated in Jets headquarters at Hareid in Norway. Jets staff are therefore invited to their own Expo opening on the same day the world exhibition officially opens in Shanghai.

This year 192 countries and 50 organizations participate at the world exhibition, making it the largest of its kind in modern history. Visitor numbers are estimated at 70 to 100 million people. The Norwegian pavilion expects 15,000 visitors daily.

Press contact:
Mr. Jan Tore Leikanger
Tel. +47 70 03 91 00
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Background information

The Jets™ group
Since the late 1980s, the Jets™ group has supplied the world's leading products in maritime sanitary technology. Today, the group has more than half the world market for vacuum sanitary systems in ships.

This technology has also been used very successfully onshore, and has vast potential for growth in land based markets where considerations like environment, water savings and water costs are growing ever more important.



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