Jets™ and A-Plast donates restroom facilities to local GoKart club

(Friday, October 1, 2010)

The NMK Sunnmøre motor club has built one of Norway's finest GoKart tracks at Leikongeidet in Sande county, Norway. Strategically placed in the centre of the Sunnmøre region, local GoKart drivers appreciate having this track so close - and the track is also fast gaining a nationwide reputation. But until Friday, October 1st, the track lacked a key facility - restrooms. Thanks to a gift from Jets™ and Skodje-based company A-Plast, this is no longer an issue.

NMK Sunnmøre: - We're very pleased

Kent Riksheim, leader of the NMK Sunnmøre club, was very pleased to see the finished building being delivered: - We are overwhelmed by the generosity shown to us. Finally, our members can bring their family to the track and stay for the whole day without having to go home or to a local business to borrow their restrooms when nature calls. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for both hosting competitions and for GoKart rental, he says.

150,000 NOK value

A restroom building like the one NMK Sunnmøre has received, has a value of approximately 150,000 NOK. Jets™ and A-plast are clear about their motives for donating it: - Motor sports facilities are rare in Norway, and here at Leikongeidet we have one of the nation's best GoKart tracks. We hope that with the new restroom building in place, the track will grow even more popular with drivers from the entire region - and from the rest of Norway as well, says Jets™ Mobile Sales Manager Frode Bakke.

(This is a shortened international version. The complete story is available in Norwegian language only.)


Happy NMK Sunnmøre leader


Kent Riksheim of NMK Sunnmøre (left) accepted the donation from Frode Bakke, Jets (centre) and Geir Vidhammer, A-Plast (right) with a big smile and a great deal of gratitude.

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