Scam application

Warning: employment scam

(Friday, August 15, 2014)

Jets Vacuum has recently received several job applications from South African nationals who believe they are applying for a job with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Based on the information in these applications, it is evident that scammers are trying to pass themselves off as a recruiting agent for NCL, using Jets Vacuum’s name and postal address as the main point of contact.

If you have been offered the opportunity to work for NCL and Jets Vacuum’s name and/or address (Myravegen 1, N-6060 Hareid, Norway) is listed in the application form, contract, or other material you have received, you are a victim of the scam. The paperwork is also likely to contain the e-mail addresses,, or similar addresses on domains that are not affiliated with NCL.

Jets Vacuum’s and Norwegian Cruise Line’s names are being used without the consent of the respective companies, and we stress that neither we nor NCL have any connection with the people behind this scam.

Jets Vacuum does supply vacuum toilet systems and related services to NCL’s ships, but we are not involved with the company in any other capacity – and certainly not when it comes to employee recruitment.

Jets Vacuum is working with the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) to document the extent of this scam, and we are actively seeking to expose the scammers in an effort to help minimize the number of affected individuals.

We are unfortunately not able to respond individually to the applications we receive in this matter, and encourage victims of the scam to contact the ITF with any information that could help identify the scammers:

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