International training at Jets™

(Thursday, May 31, 2012)

Service staff from all around the world has spent this week at the Jets™ service seminar in Hareid to update themselves on the company's products. Jets™ is represented globally by agents and distributors, and every other year the service staff members of these representatives are offered the opportunity to participate in the increasingly popular service training in Norway. This year saw a new record for the seminar, with 36 participants from 18 countries.

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Staying up to date

- It takes a lot of resources and man hours to host the service seminar, but that is an investment which we will definitely benefit from both short-term and long-term. Through these seminars we ensure that all of our global representatives share the same expertise. So no matter where the end customer is located, he has access to updated expertise on Jets™ products from his local distributor or agent, says seminar host and Jets™ Service Manager Mr. Ola Leikanger.

Building relations

The seminar is also a chance to strengthen the ties to the international network, Leikanger says:
- The stay here at Hareid contributes to building mutual long-term relationships between Jets™ and the participants, and that is obviously important when some of the representatives are located in places like Brazil or Singapore where we are unable to speak with them face to face as often as we would like. So the social aspect of the seminar is also important, according to Mr. Leikanger.

Learning unique technology

Through the last 25 years, Jets™ has developed a unique pump technology for vacuum systems, featuring patented solutions. These pumps generate the vacuum needed to flush the company's toilets using air instead of water. Today, Jets™ is the world's leading manufacturer of such systems, with a technology that is more compact and efficient than comparable products made by others.

Sharing knowledge

With that in mind, the service seminars are a vital link in keeping ahead of the competition in the future as well, says Mr. Leikanger: - The training sessions are anything but one-way communication. I would say that it may be equally important that the participants bring with them valuable feedback from their respective home countries and markets, which we benefit greatly from when refining our products - not to mention the participants learn from each other's feedback, he points out.

After the first day of the seminar, Jets™ invited the participants to a dinner at the isolated, tiny island of Flåvær. The island offers a unique atmosphere on the doorstep of the wild Norwegian Sea.
En route to Flåvær, an old but pristine wooden ship was used to ferry the participants on the last leg of their journey to the island.
Eric Yeo is used to the big city life of Singapore, and thought that the windy Flåvær island was an amazing place.

The seminar participants and their hosts from Jets™ having just arrived at Flåvær island

The participants and their host having just arrived at the island of Flåvær
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