Jets Vacuum AS enters Mexican waters

(Friday, January 22, 2010)

Jets Vacuum AS has signed a contract with Mexican design company Operadora Cisca S.A., for delivery of a vacuum sanitary system to a new jack-up drilling rig. A result of close collaboration between Jets and Operadora Cisca S.A. since July 2009, it is the first contract for Jets in the Mexican market.

Groundbreaking contract

Based in Mexico City, Operadora Cisca S.A. has previously only used traditional gravity sanitary systems in their designs. As such, the vacuum system contract is breaking new ground for all parties involved.

Opportunities in new market

- Jets Vacuum considers the project and our cooperation with Operadora Cisca a great success, and we are very pleased about this opportunity to expand operations to yet another country. We look forward to showing the Mexican market the benefits of using our vacuum systems, says Project Manager Helge Østby of Jets Vacuum AS.

The drilling rig will be built by Swecomex at their Tuxpan shipyard outside Vera Cruz, Mexico, and features accomodation for 120 crew and personell. The contract was signed on January 14th this year.

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