Pearl toilet by Jets™

Jets™ toilet wins coveted design award

(Wednesday, May 11, 2011)

At the Technoport Awards 2011 in Trondheim, Norway, the Jets™ group's new Pearl toilet was awarded the prize for best design: Design Award 2011. The Trondheim based design company Kadabra Produktdesign AS received the award for the work they have done for Jets™ in developing the unique toilet design.

Congratulations from Jets™

- The Pearl toilet is the result of thorough and extensive development spanning several years. We have worked very close with Kadabra to come up with a good design, and feel that we have been successful in doing so. I should point out that Kadabra's services go far beyond making a good-looking toilet. They have spoken with users and cleaning staff, asked and polled, drawn and tested, and finally ended up with a toilet that is groundbreaking in several ways. Our congratulations go out to Kadabra on a job well done and on the design award that they clearly deserve, says CEO Jan Tore Leikanger of Jets AS.

Years of work

- We have spent years designing the Pearl model. Prototypes of the new toilet were on display at the NorShipping exhibition as early as 2009, and were very well received. It has excellent ergonomic and functional properties, is easy to clean, and even production friendly. And on top of that, it doesn't exactly hurt that Kadabra has managed to achieve a design which is simply beautiful, Leikanger says.

Strong shape

The Pearl toilet is scheduled to enter production this fall. The wall mounted toilet that won the award is part of a larger family of sanitary equipment, including a floor mounted toilet, floor and wall mounted bidets, and a urinal. All these models share the same strong shape with powerful, yet clean lines.

Large prize to Kadabra

In addition to fame and glory, Kadabra Produktdesign also receives NOK 150.000 from Technoport for the winning design. Smiling from ear to ear, Espen A. Jørgensen, Ingvill Hoffart, Carl Andre Nørstebø and Henning Rekdal Nielsen recieved the the award on behalf of the company during the award ceremony at the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum on May 10th.

About Technoport

The owners and members of Technoport include the NTNU university of Trondheim, SINTEF, STATOIL and Innovation Norway. In addition to the design award given to the Pearl toilet, Technoport also gives out awards in several other categories: Applied Technology, Outstanding Research, Innovative Environmental Technology, Young Innovation and IBM's Open Collaboration Research Award.

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