Flag handover

Environmental commitment secured support for Mongolia trip

(Thursday, June 20, 2013)

July 16th marks the start of the Mongol Rally, which despite its name is anything but a competition to reach the finish line in Mongolia first. Norwegian adventurer Audun Scheide from Ulsteinvik is participating in the rally with two friends, and they have secured the support of Jets Vacuum and others to join the rally with their team “The Rat Pack”.

Top photo: PR Officer Jan Kenneth Steinsåker of Jets Vacuum (left) hands over the flag of Jets Vacuum to Audun Scheide, who will take it with him to Mongolia.

The Jets™ flag goes with them

Audun recently received the flag of Jets Vacuum from PR Officer Jan Kenneth Steinsåker, to bring it with him all the way to Mongolia’s capital Ulan Bator. The rest of “The Rat Pack” team consists of of Marius Berg Maastad from Drammen, Norway and Frede Lundenes Fardal from Oslo, Norway, far away from the Czech Republic where they will start their long and treacherous journey.

Out of the comfort zone

- We go on this trip in hope of contributing to a better world, and because we get to experience unknown surroundings and cultures. This is a fantastic opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and combine our own sense of adventure with doing something good for other people. With more than 16,000 kilometres (~10,000 miles) ahead of us it is impossible to say when we will cross the finish line, but we expect to travel for 7-9 weeks. Even though there have been both accidents and deaths in these races, we are very well prepared and don’t expect to run into difficulties. And people can follow our adventure through Facebook and website updates along the way, says Audun Scheide.


He points out that the organization behind the Mongol Rally aims to raise funds for the protection of South American rain forests, and for the benefit of the people of Mongolia. The three team members will raise at least NOK 10,000 (about EUR 1,300) for this cause, and will also be doing fundraising for cancer research throughout their trip to Mongolia. This triggered Jets Vacuum to support “The Rat Pack”.

Skepticism turned to support

- I admit I was skeptical when I saw Audun’s request for support, because at first look it appeared to be just another crazy road trip idea. That may even be true, but the commitment behind the trip makes it so much more as well. After reading the entire letter from Audun I was left with an impression of three tough young men who really want to make a difference. Audun, Marius and Frede have found a brilliant way to express their desire for adventure, and I am very impressed by their level of planning and not least their ability to care for others on a global scale. At Jets Vacuum, we work for a better world every single day, so I speak for us all when I wish Audun and his team a good and educational trip, says PR Officer Jan Kenneth Steinsåker of Jets Vacuum.


Follow "The Rat Pack"


Follow "The Rat Pack" on their Facebook page and on their website to stay updated as the team makes its way through Europe and Asia!

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