Sales Manager Frode Bakke with two components from the vacuum system.

Jets™ set a new standard for event toilets

(Tuesday, December 18, 2012)

In the wake of the Cup Final celebrations at Youngstorget square in Oslo, Norway, Jets Vacuum has received nothing but praise for the toilets used at the event. The Dutch event toilet supplier Port-O-Let, a Jets™ customer, was hired to provide temporary toilet facilities with Jets™ vacuum toilets for the Cup Final celebrations. This ensured the sanitary conditions at Youngstorget square were far better than at most other events, where simpler outhouse-type event toilets are commonly used.

Top photo: Sales Manager Frode Bakke with two components from the vacuum system.

Praise from organizers

- In the days after the event, we received very positive feedback from celebration organizers Momentium. They said that Jets™ has now set a new standard for event toilets. Momentium’s staff are also responsible for organizing several large festivals in Norway, so it is fun and inspiring that they think so highly of our systems. After all, they know the Norwegian festival and event market better than most, says Frode Bakke, Sales Manager of Mobile Solutions at Jets Vacuum.

Hødd agrees

The management of Hødd, the team which won this year’s Cup Final, have also noted that the toilets from Jets™ and Port-O-Let were considerably better than what they are used to:

- We know from unpleasant experience that the outhouse-type toilets used at so many events, are just that: outhouses. Among other events, we attend the large Norway Cup tournament every year with teams from all over the world, and the players are not very fond of the traditional event toilets used there. Neither are the team leaders and parents who accompany the players. So when we were able to offer our guests at the Youngstorget square sanitary facilities with proper porcelain toilets, that contributed to the visitors’ impression of a well planned and carried out celebration, Hødd Marketing Manager Sindre Eid points out.

Demand throughout Europe

The Dutch toilet systems used at Youngstorget square are in high demand at events throughout Europe, because they are fitted with Jets™ vacuum toilets. At large European events attracting more than 50,000 visitors, the water and sewage savings of vacuum toilets add up to considerable numbers.

- During a three-day event in the Netherlands this summer, the organizers handled 750,000 litres less sewage due to the low water consumption of vacuum toilets. That in turn means far fewer tanker trucks moving water and sewage to and from such events. So the positive environmental effects are significant, and so are the financial gains for the organizers. At the Youngstorget square Cup Final celebrations we had the opportunity to demonstrate these toilet systems to a number of key people behind large festivals and events in eastern Norway. We believe many of them will reach the same conclusion as Momentium did, says Sales Manager Frode Bakke.


Port-O-Let and Jets™


A number of event toilet manufacturers all over the world fit their products with Jets™ vacuum toilets.

These event toilets from the Netherlands were used at the Norwegian Cup Final celebrations.


Charm porcelain toilet


Porcelain toilets from Jets™ provided a far better and more hygienic event experience than would have been possible using traditional event toilets.

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