Jets™ launches the Ecomotive™ sewage treatment plant for ships

Jets™ launches the Ecomotive™ sewage treatment plant

(Friday, April 5, 2013)

Jets™ is making headway into a new niche in the maritime market, where the company is already the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum toilet systems. The new and flexible Ecomotive™ sewage treatment plant made by Jets™ is considerably smaller than those of its competitors, and combined with excellent treatment results and minimal maintenance needs, it offers increased peace of mind to both shipyards and shipowners.

- Everything Jets™ produces has a solid foundation in extensive research and development. This of course, also applies to the Ecomotive™ treatment plant, which is based on proven technology.  In close cooperation with renowned scientists at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences we have succeeded in developing what the industry has long desired: a maritime sewage treatment plant that performs extremely well under realistic conditions, says CEO Jan Tore Leikanger of Jets Vacuum AS.

A solution for any requirement

The response to the Ecomotive™ plant has been overwhelming in the marine industry. Despite the fact that it was yet to be launched and that brochures were still not available, word of mouth ensured that the order books started to fill early at Jets™. By the end of January, Ecomotive™ treatment plants were ordered for a series of 12 new offshore vessels to be built in Brazil – just one month after the plant received its certification.

- The plant’s modular design allows some of its components to be removed for separate installation, providing unsurpassed installation flexibility. We have a solution for virtually any requirement, even where space is a major issue, says Aksel Johansen of Jets Vacuum AS, a member of the design team.

Considerably smaller plant

Increased treatment capacity requires a larger surface. As biological treatment plants traditionally require a great deal of space, solving the space challenge was a seemingly daunting task.

- The innovative BWT S™ elements have enabled Jets™ to create plants with larger surface area while making the volume of the plant itself smaller. Smaller size was one of our design targets, which we reached in close cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, says CEO Jan Tore Leikanger.

– The Ecomotive™ plant is also designed for easy service and a minimum of maintenance. The continuous movement of the BWT S™ “sugarcubes” has a self-cleansing effect, contrary to matrix-based plants where the honeycomb surfaces lie still and require periodic cleaning, says Leikanger.

Deals with high loads

- We chose the toughest in the business when the time came to certify the Ecomotive™ plant. It is very common to run sewage treatment plants at minimal load during testing. We, on the other hand, went to BG Verkehr in Germany, formerly known as SBG and known for their strict testing regime, to have the Ecomotive™ plant tested to their standards. After testing at BG Verkehr/SBG, it was evident that our plant reached, and even exceeded, 30% better test results than similar tests of other plants, states CEO Jan Tore Leikanger.

Both Jan Tore Leikanger and Aksel Johansen are confident that the Ecomotive™ plant meets all international standards and requirements by a good margin – even new regulations expected in the near future.

- The sheer number of orders we have received already confirms that we are filling a demand in the market for sewage treatment plants which has not been met thus far. We could not have dreamed of a better start than this for the Ecomotive™ plant, concludes CEO Jan Tore Leikanger.

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Ecomotive™ - groundbreaking innovation in biological sewage treatment plants


Jets™ has more than 25 years of experience in sewage treatment plants – for as long as we have supplied Jets™ vacuum toilet systems for ships.

What you see here is the result of this experience: a treatment plant which reduces space requirements and is both reliable and affordable – while meeting today’s and future IMO requirements by a good margin.


Immediate market response


Just one month after its certification, and long before any efforts had been made to sell the Ecomotive™ plant, Jets™ started receiving orders.

Word of mouth in the maritime industry almost immediately led to 12 plants being sold to Brazilian shipyard ETP Engenharia Ltda, for a series of 12 identical offshore vessels to be built for Intertug S.A.

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