Cover of the Norway Report by The Economic Observer of China

Jets™ featured in The Economic Observer of China

(Tuesday, August 9, 2011)

The Economic Observer is one of the most influential business newspapers in China, with more than 840,000 copies read by 2.5 million people. In its July 25 edition the paper included a special business report on Norway and Norwegian industries, featuring a story on the Jets™ group’s water saving sanitary technology.

Strengthening relations

The Norway business report is part of a series of reports on countries that have trade relations with China, and is intended to strengthen those relations by spreading knowledge on what Norway’s industry has to offer to its Chinese partners and customers.

Ningbo presence since 2005

Jets™ has had operations in China for years, and even established a subsidiary in the city of Ningbo in 2005 to better serve the Chinese market: - Having a local presence in China is important to ensure we take part in the country’s rapid growth, so we were not surprised to see that the report specifically mentions our Ningbo facility. The facility and its staff are important assets in the highly competitive Chinese market, says Jets™ PR Officer Jan Kenneth Steinsåker.

Vast potential in Chinese onshore markets

The diversified Chinese markets offer massive potential for the Jets™ group’s vacuum sanitary systems. Jets™ already has a firm grip on the large Chinese shipbuilding market through its Ningbo production facility - and since the exact same technology is used onshore, Jets™ can serve Chinese land based customers the same way. The water supply situation onshore in China is becoming increasingly difficult, and water prices are bound to go up. With that in mind, Jets™ anticipates that Chinese onshore construction and real estate companies will look to vacuum systems in the years to come. – We have seen that change happen in Brazil, and we expect to see it in China as well, says Steinsåker.

Running out of water

Elaborating on the water situation in China, Steinsåker refers to the business report:
- The article on Jets™ mentions that the ground water level in China is dropping fast, and that is certainly no exaggeration. The water level is reduced so rapidly because water consumption in China increases as more and more citizens adapt to a higher standard of living. The slightly scary part is that nobody really knows how long the ground water is going to last. The threat of diminishing water supplies in China is therefore very real, and our technology can help, he says.

PDF files of the Norway Business Report can be downloaded using the links below.

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