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Jets™ congratulates Runde Environmental Centre

(Friday, October 22, 2010)

Runde Environmental Centre, a Jets™ partner and customer, received the Norwegian VVS Award for 2010 at a conference in Lillestrøm, Norway on October 21st. Jets™ has supplied a resource saving vacuum sanitary system to the centre, and also conducts research and development in close cooperation with its staff. We congratulate the centre's manager Nils-Roar Hareide and his staff on the award!

VVS is a Norwegian abbreviation for the words "Varme - Ventilasjon - Sanitær" which translated into English are equivalent to "Heating - Ventilation - Sanitation" (HVS).

- To Jets™, Runde Environmental Centre is not just an important partner, it is also a showcase which displays our sanitary technology to the centre's guests from around the world. Further to this, the centre is at the global forefront of optimal energy and resource use. We therefore work closely with them to design technology that can use a "problem waste" like sewage as the valuable resource it actually is. It is wonderful that the industry itself, in giving this award to Runde Environmental Centre, recognizes and rewards the efforts of the centre, says CEO Jan Tore Leikanger of Jets™.

The award is given out by the Norwegian HVS business organization Norsk VVS Energi- og Miljøteknisk Forening. The purpose of the award is to promote good HVS, technical and engineering solutions which contribute to better indoor conditions and lower energy use.

The jury reasoned that the centre has planned long-term for low environmental impact and sustainability right from the start. It also emphasized the fact that Runde Environmental Centre is open to the public, and used by both Norwegian and international researchers and students.

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