Keys for the restroom trailer are handed to mayor Hans Gisle Holstad of Hareid (left), by Jets™ CEO Jan Tore Leikanger

Jets™ and Hareid mayor join forces to keep beach clean

(Thursday, June 23, 2011)

The beautiful Overåsanden beach, located near the Jets™ group's home town of Hareid, is the finest beach in all of Sunnmøre according to the locals. But like many other beaches along the Norwegian coast, one important thing detracts from the experience - there are no restrooms. Now, Jets™ and the municipality of Hareid have now joined forces and shared the cost of a high-tech restroom trailer which will provide better sanitary conditions both on the beach and elsewhere in the community when needed.

The wait is finally over

The gently sloping Overåsanden beach has a magnificent panoramic view of the fjord Storfjorden, and is visited by large numbers of people during the short Norwegian summer. People from other communities in the region also come here, because this particular beach is rumored to have higher water temperatures than the beaches in neighbouring municipalities such as Ulstein. Despite the high number of visitors, the beach is also known for its less-than-acceptable toilet facilities. A sanitary facility built in the 1970s was used until it was rendered nonoperational by wear, tear and vandalism years ago. Now the wait is finally over, and new restroom facilities will be available at last.

Jets™ and Hareid shares cost

- The municipality of Hareid granted NOK 100,000 to improve the sanitary facility at the Overåsanden beach, and with that money we would have been able to restore most of it. But we ideally wanted a better solution. We went to Jets™ asking for help, and the response from them was positive from day one! The restroom trailer which we have taken delivery of today has a price of NOK 400,000, where the municipality's grant covers 25% and Jets™ covers the rest. This obviously gives us incredible value for our money, says mr. Nils Nupen, technical manager for the municipality of Hareid.

5 vacuum toilets mean large capacity

The restroom trailer has four smaller cubicles plus a larger room for disabled users, which can be easily moved where they are needed most. That means the municipality of Hareid can now offer better sanitary facilities at sports events and other special occasions, not least in the winter season when the beach is closed. On-board tanks for water and sewage makes it possible to operate the trailer without a mains water supply and sewer connection, because the Jets™ vacuum toilets only use from 0,5 to 1 litre of water per flush (1/8 to 1/4 gallon).

- We are going to use the trailer all over Hareid at special events. One of the toilets is accessible to wheelchair users, which is a very positive and vast improvement over other solutions, says mr. Nupen.

Grateful mayor

Mr. Hans Gisle Holstad, mayor of Hareid, agrees: - We wouldn't have gotten far with NOK 100,000 on our own. With Jets™ sharing the cost, the local community gets a very nice restroom facility that will be greatly appreciated by everyone. It is so nice to see that the company has not forgotten where it comes from, and is willing to contribute to the municipality and local community. Unlike the stationary sanitary facility previously used at the beach, this solution can be moved around as required. Still, it looks like a stationary building when it is lowered to the ground and the drawbar is removed. I would like to express my gratitude to Jets™ for making this possible, and hope that the new trailer will be well received by the community, says the mayor.

High-tech interior

Manufactured in the United States, only two trailers of this type have so far found their way to Norway. The other one has already been sold to a commercial operator by Jets™. The Jets™ toilet system is usually installed by the trailer manufacturer in the U.S., but in this case the installation was performed by Jets™ at Hareid: - It would have made no sense whatsoever to ship our toilets and pumps across the Atlantic, only to import them back into Norway with the trailer, says Jets™ sales manager Frode Bakke with a smile.

- Installing the equipment here in Norway also gives us the opportunity to include a few extra high-tech components of our own. A level sensor with a special text messaging module has been installed on the sewage tank, so the technical staff can simply send a text message to the trailer to check the tank level. The trailer immediately responds with the current level, and also alerts the staff by itself if the tank is approaching maximum level. This way the technical staff does not have to go to the trailer and do a manual check, Bakke points out.


Designed for wheelchair accessibility

The trailer can be easily lowered to ground level, and has an integrated ramp to allow access for people with disabilities
Picture at top of page - from left: Hareid mayor mr. Hans Gisle Holstad, Hareid technical manager mr. Nils Nupen, Jets™ CEO mr. Jan Tore Leikanger.
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