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Beware of counterfeit parts offered as OEM parts

(Monday, April 13, 2015)

It has been brought to our attention that the Chinese company “Shanghai VacDrain Vacuum Drainage Equipment Co., Ltd.” (VacDrain) is currently offering spare parts for several makes of vacuum sanitary systems - including Jets™.

The parts offered by VacDrain are counterfeit (false) parts of inferior quality, and we strongly advise against dealing with this company and their parts.


Jets™ original parts are rigorously tested to ensure the longest possible life of every component, and backed by warranty. We also have meticulous control of all steps in the production process of any product that leaves our shelves, through our long-term, tight-knit partnerships with each of our suppliers.

We believe we can safely say that the inferior parts offered by VacDrain are not tested to anywhere near our standards (if at all), and they are certainly not manufactured by the same suppliers as original Jets™ parts.

VacDrain’s claim that they supply OEM parts is therefore obviously incorrect.


Customers who have been misled to buy parts from VacDrain should immediately replace these parts with original Jets™ parts, to ensure the continued performance and safe operation of their vacuum system.

Rest assured Jets™ is taking steps to deal with VacDrain’s counterfeit parts operation, in an effort to halt their fraudulent business practices.

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