Aerial view of the Jets™ head office at Hareid, Norway

Jets™ company information

Jets™ develops, manufactures and sells vacuum sanitary systems based on unique, patented technology. The corporation, located at Hareid, Norway, is financially sound with annual sales of more than NOK 300 million, 80% of which are export sales.

Vision: Sanitary Systems - made to please

Jets™ provides added value to our customers through profitable and environmentally sustainable solutions for transport and treatment of sanitary wastewater.

Jets™ - A global company

Jets™ was founded in an international shipbuilding and maritime community on the coasts of western Norway. Our early years were spent building solid relations with maritime companies around the world, a practice we have continued with onshore partners throughout the last decade. As a result, Jets™ today is a global company with world-wide representation, selling our products on all continents.
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Company structure

The Jets™ corporation consists of several core companies. Although Jets™ is a large, global organization, the core companies of the Jets™ group are all located in Norway. So are the sales divisions for both the Ship & Offshore and the Land & Transport segments. In addition, one subsidiary company is located in China.
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News and information

This section is primarily intended for journalists and the media, and contains all news stories from Jets™ - including those of our Ship & Offshore and Land & Transport segments. The press room features all press releases from Jets™, plus an image library with high-resolution photo material. We have also included our trademark guidelines, an FAQ list and a dictionary to help you use our trademarks and business terminology correctly.
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Quality assurance

One of our goals is to ensure that both we and our customers are happy with our company in terms of product quality, technology, customer dedication, and technical support, both before and after delivery. We also ensure that our products meet regulations such as those of IMO and USCG and make an effort to reduce our environmental footprint.
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