Eastward aerial view of Hareid, Norway

The Story

For more than two decades, Jets™ has drawn inspiration from the world's finest surroundings to make the world's finest sanitary systems.

This is where we come from

Jets™ is based in a small island community off the coast of western Norway with seafaring traditions dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. Located in the small town of Hareid, we serve customers world-wide.
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Evolution of Jets™

Jets™ was born from a brave commitment to a good idea, and had a strict upbringing in the maritime community of western Norway renowned for its innovative, quality products with robust performance. Jets™ made it through the challenges of the early days, constantly refining the idea into a solution that would provide practical benefits in the real world.
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Greentech future

Even with half of the world's ships being built with vacuum systems now choosing Jets™ systems, the thought of being complacent about our business has not occured to us. The demand for environmentally friendly, energy-saving sanitary technology onshore is steadily increasing.
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