Olav Hofseth, Jets™ founder and innovator

Olav Hofseth: "I saw the potential for smarter solutions"

Olav Hofseth is the innovator of the Vacuumarator™ pump, probably the most successful product ever developed in the vacuum sanitation industry, and the founder of Jets™. This is his own story behind the invention known today as the Vacuumarator™ pump.

"I used to work for an agent who offered sales and service for the market leader in marine vacuum toilets. Customers told me what worked - and what didn't. They told me about the frustration regarding the toilet systems on board.

All this experience gave me ideas for improving the systems. I tried to communicate these ideas to the manufacturer of the toilet systems. But it was a big organization with a strong hold on its existing market, and its decision-makers were sceptical about trying something new.

Not many people dream about toilets. But I did. Finally I made up my mind. I started turning my visions into reality myself - and founded Jets™."

A problem solving invention

Before Olav invented the Vacuumarator™ pump, vacuum systems were big, inefficient, and problem-prone. Follow the link to the System History section to understand just how big a revolution the Vacuumarator™ pumps actually were.


The Jets™ Revolution of 1987

Olav started using the Helical Screw principle in 1987:
"My challenge was to combine the vacuum and sewage in a single stream. I chose the helical screw, which had never been used for this purpose before. It ought to save space, maintenance, and costs, while improving reliability. Eventually, the macerator turned out to be the answer. But this was just the beginning."

The advantages were the potential for a one-way stream, no circulation tank, no foaming, a smaller and more compact design, built-in macerator and minimal heating of sewage.

Performance factor: 1.0
"Looking back, I would give the original design a performance factor of 1.0 seeing that it was the first toilet system of its kind. But I was determined to improve it. Could I eliminate the separate motor for the macerator? Could I produce a more elegant design that would save production and maintenance costs?"

The Jets™ Revolution of 1989

Olav explains the birth of the Vacuumarator™ pump:
"I took out one of the motors and one of the tanks. I integrated the macerator to streamline the design. The results exceeded all my expectations: twice the capacity at half the cost. The Vacuumarator™ pump was born."

The advantages were higher capacity, simpler installation, less maintenance, even more compact size and lower cost.

Performance factor: 2.0
"Despite this progress, we could not rest. Could I eliminate the separate liquid supply?"

The Jets™ Millennium Evolution

Olav developed the unique Vacuumarator™ pump we know today:
"In close cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and service teams, we developed a system that solved the sealing issues. It needed no priming, no circulation, and no sealing tank. We had realized the Jets™ vision."

The advantages were in-line vacuum generation, still no foaming, fully integrated macerator, no need for collecting tank, more compact size than ever, simple and flexible installation, easy retrofits, and very low energy consumption.

Performance factor: 2.5
"We will not rest. We intend to keep our lead..."

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