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The continuous refinement of our product range is driven by a desire to constantly provide our customers with the best solutions available. Now, more than ever, customers require products that are also geared towards sustainability and Greentech solutions. Our water-saving systems easily comply with these requirements.

Greentech products, a steady stream of innovative solutions, and being one step ahead of the competition have been - and will continue to be - typical characteristics of Jets™.

Product news

Jets™ has a reputation for innovation, and we are known to continously develop new solutions, products and technology. Our recent achievements include the new and groundbreaking sewage treatment plant Ecomotive™ by Jets™.
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Vacuum advantages

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems have several advantages over their traditional gravity counterparts. With more than 200,000 Jets™ vacuum toilets in operation, on all continents and on the seven seas, the pleasing features of Jets™ systems are appreciated by owners and operators of ships and buildings world wide.
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Vacuumarator™ pump

Our unique Vacuumarator™ pump comes in different sizes to improve the efficiency of any vacuum system, and is the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator available for vacuum toilet systems. In-line installation combined with a small footprint allows unique installation flexibility and weight savings.
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Other achievements

Jets™ has had several breakthroughs in vacuum sanitation technology, and we aim to come up with even better solutions in the future. Here is a selection of our achievements so far.
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Research and development

Jets™ does extensive amounts of work in research and development of innovative, new and improved solutions for vacuum sanitary systems, sustainability, and various wastewater treatment technologies. We enlist the help of our business partners to assist us in developing the best technology available.
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