Water spiral from below

Water conservation

In most of the world, fresh water is scarce and should be treated as a valuable resource. Instead, a lot of the precious fresh water is flushed down the drain to transport human waste. As time goes by and the world population grows, water demand increases and fresh water prices are set to soar.

São Paulo university saves 360.000 litres (95,000 gallons) of water each day

In São Paulo, Brazil, water is scarce and expensive. In 2007, this university installed a Jets™ system which paid for itself in 15 months. How could the pay-back period be so short?
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Troll research station - conserving water in the Antarctic

In the driest, coldest and most uninhabited continent on earth, there is plenty of water - frozen water. But in a desert of ice, all water supplies must be produced by thawing that very ice: a perfect Jets™ scenario. Using a recently installed Jets™ vacuum system, water use for toilets at the Troll research station has been reduced to one tenth of that needed by gravity water toilets.
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Ships at sea

It may sound like a contradiction, but ships at sea need to conserve water. Fresh water on a ship is a limited resource, since all the water used on board has to be either carried in tanks or made from salt water at sea. So it is no coincidence that more than half of the ships being built with vacuum systems choose Jets™.
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Superior to gravity

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems cut water usage and costs by up to 90%. We know this figure seems too good to be true, but we have proven it for decades by supplying very satisfied ship builders and ship owners around the world with sanitary systems which use less than one litre of water per flush. Now we are using the same technology onshore.
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Calculate water savings

How much precious fresh water are you wasting? Or to put it in another way: how much water could you be saving by switching to a vacuum sanitary system? Use our calculator to find out exactly how much water and money you are flushing down the drain.
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