What can Jets™ do?

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems allow greywater to be transported and handled entirely separate from blackwater - an approach called source separation. Using Jets™ greywater treatment technology with a source separating waste water system, greywater can be treated to a level of purity that is actually safe to swim in.

Inefficient solutions are the norm

Using the same pipes for greywater and blackwater means that all the wastewater in that system must be treated as blackwater. This is very costly, grossly inefficient and highly energy consuming - and more disturbingly; it is the normal approach to wastewater handling all over the world.

Cut treatment costs and increase efficiency

In a source separating system, the remaining volume of blackwater - or sewage - transported through a separate piping system is so small that the treatment cost goes down while efficiency increases. Energy consumption drops. Greywater treatment is done locally in small treatment units developed by Jets™ and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

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