Anders Almestad

New Jets™ board structure

(Friday, June 26, 2015)

After 17 years on the board at Jets™, chairman Jan Driveklepp has chosen to step back and enjoy his retirement. The company has taken this opportunity to make a change of pace in preparation for the future, by taking on new board members with skills that include environmentally rated buildings – an exciting international market in which the Norwegian firm is seeing very promising growth.

Top photo: Anders Almestad, chairman of the board at Jets™

New chairman of the board

Jan Driveklepp’s successor is Anders Almestad from Herøy, Norway, who now takes the helm as chairman, a task he believes he will enjoy. Using his broad experience from domestic and international ventures, in leading positions for large global companies, Almestad is quick to point out a few key factors about the company he is now given responsibility for.

- Jets™ is a unique, Norwegian industrial adventure built on innovation and a solid understanding of industrial principles. I look forward to being a part of this, and further contribute to future development of the Jets™ group. And not least, I am excited to work with such a competent board and company management, says Almestad.

New board members

Jets Vacuum har also taken on two new, highly qualified board members from outside the company, to ensure its stable development over time in a direction that will lead to even more growth:

Anders Fylling (Oslo) is Research Director at SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, with special expertise on sustainable, environmentally rated buildings. This is a market where Jets Vacuum has enjoyed great success in recent years, and that is expected to grow at record speeds in the time to come.

Gunnar Stein Hareide (Ålesund) has held key positions in well-known Norwegian businesses such as Stokke, Fora Form and Tafjord. Joining the board of Jets Vacuum, he brings with him world-class knowledge about business models and strategy, gained from his career built on positive development of other companies.

Moving up a league

CEO Jan Tore Leikanger of Jets Vacuum is very content with the new board that is now in place.

- We have been fortunate to have a board that has worked very well and long-term for many years, and it is quite a challenge to raise the bar further. The new board will, both on an individual level and as a group, contribute with a fresh look on things from outside the company, and provide us with a broader perspective in a global sustainability context - to name just one example where our products can have a great impact, says Leikanger.

He believes the latter to be particularly important in a company with a long tradition of strong maritime ties.

- Those of us who have walked the halls here for years, will surely benefit from someone coming in and lifting our gaze upwards and outwards with new impulses. The new board does exactly that, and steps our game up a notch as far as future development of the company is concerned. As a keen football fan, my take on this is that the company has moved up into the next league, he says with a smile.

This is the new board of Jets Vacuum:

  • Anders Almestad (chairman)
  • Anders Fylling
  • Gunnar Stein Hareide
  • Svein Rune Gjerde
  • Stian Karlsen
  • Aslaug Karin Vågen

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