Photograph of Øyvind Tørlen

Øyvind Tørlen appointed new CEO of Jets Vacuum

(Monday, July 3, 2017)

Starting in October, Mr. Øyvind Tørlen will be taking over the position as CEO of Jets Vacuum AS. His predecessor, Mr. Jan Tore Leikanger, announced earlier this year that he wishes to step down in order to take on a new position at the company.

Mr. Tørlen, who is currently Managing Partner at Converto AS in the neighbouring town of Ålesund, will bring with him a wealth of valuable experience from a wide range of different companies to his new job at Jets Vacuum.

He is entering the company at a very exciting time, with fast increasing global attention about saving water. In recent years, this increased attention has caused many new customer groups to start using the vacuum sanitary solutions made by Jets Vacuum. This is particularly true for the company’s land based markets, which are now outgrowing the ship and offshore segments that have traditionally been Jets Vacuum’s main source of revenue.

As Mr. Tørlen takes over, the company has barely started scratching the surface of these new markets, which are showing a very promising potential for further growth. And while he is set to get the most out of these fairly newfound market segments, he also expects to maintain the company’s leading position in the maritime industries; for more than 30 years, marine vacuum toilet systems have been the foundation on which the company has been built.

Some of Mr. Tørlen’s more notable former positions include CEO of Ekornes ASA, COO of Pan Fish ASA and General Manager of Pan Fish Norway AS.

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