The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment visiting Jets Vacuum

The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment visits Jets™

(Tuesday, March 8, 2016)

The Norwegian Parliament's Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment visited Jets™ on Tuesday, March 8th, accompanied by County Mayor Jon Aasen and County Governor Lodve Solholm. Their one-hour visit allowed the committee members to get acquainted with the Jets™ group's resource-saving sanitary systems.

Top photo: Public Relations Officer Jan Kenneth Steinsåker of Jets Vacuum (back to camera) shows the company's research laboratory to the committee's members, County Mayor Jon Aasen and County Governor Lodve Solholm.

Gets noticed

- We understand the committee itself had requested to visit Jets Vacuum today. We take this as a sign that the innovative work we carry out here in Hareid is noticed in the nation's capital. The fact that we received the Norwegian Export Award in 2014 has also helped spark some extra interest in our technology, and probably contributed to today's visit materializing, says Jets Vacuum's Public Relations Officer, Jan Kenneth Steinsåker.

Challenged the committee members

The research and development company Ecomotive, a subsidiary of Jets Vacuum, was also present during the visit in order to challenge the committee's politicians about regulatory issues. Ottar Håkonsholm, general manager of Ecomotive, quickly started a debate when he questioned laws and regulations concerning today's practices for handling wastewater, in view of the more future-oriented wastewater systems developed by Jets Vacuum and Ecomotive in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås, Norway.

The green shift

The committee members said their visit to Jets™ had been highly interesting, and several of them expressed a desire to identify forums where Jets Vacuum and Ecomotive can contribute with their combined, advanced knowledge about saving water and developing wastewater systems for the future. Heikki Holmås of the Socialist Left Party was perhaps most interested of them all, eagerly discussing resource-saving solutions with the representatives from Jets Vacuum and Ecomotive right up until the committee's bus departed for their next stop.

- We managed to convey a great deal of information today. Prime Minister Erna Solberg has already signalled where the road ahead lies, government agencies are saying the right things about which direction the development of water and wastewater systems should take, and today we have been able to emphasize these matters to the members of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment. We have the products and solutions needed to successfully make the so-called green shift that is on everybody's lips, at least as far as water and wastewater is concerned - they are sitting on our shelves ready to be shipped out. This was duly noted by the committee, says Ottar Håkonsholm of Jets Vacuum's subsidiary Ecomotive.


The committee and their hosts alongside the County Mayor and the County Governor

The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment visiting Jets Vacuum
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