Photo of Anders Almestad and Jan Tore Leikanger

Jets Vacuum CEO turns to business development

(Monday, March 20, 2017)

Jan Tore Leikanger to become Vice President of Business Development at Jets Vacuum when the company succeeds in finding a new CEO.

Top photo: Chairman of the Board Anders Almestad (left) took the opportunity to thank CEO Jan Tore Leikanger for all his efforts as the news broke Monday. There were no flowers for the time being, however, since Jan Tore Leikanger will continue on as CEO for a while still.

Takes on new position at Jets™

Shareholders and employees at Jets Vacuum were informed Monday, March 20th, that CEO Jan Tore Leikanger wishes to step down as CEO, so that he can concentrate on the company’s continued development. He will do so in an entirely new position as Vice President of Business Development, which he looks forward to taking on.

- And I will possibly look forward to it for quite some time to come, because I will stay in my current position as CEO until my successor is hired. I have held various managerial positions here for some 17 years now, so a few months extra or less certainly do not make all that much difference to me, says Leikanger.

Will have to find the right successor

Chairman Anders Almestad is grateful that Jan Tore Leikanger has agreed to stay on as CEO for the time being, and firmly believes Leikanger has played a crucial part in moving the company in a professional direction during his watch. There is now a rather large pair of shoes to fill, and Almestad will take his time doing that.

- Through systematic and structured hard work, Jan Tore has laid an exceptionally good foundation for the company’s future, in the sense that we now have a balanced operation with customers both on land and at sea. We fully appreciate that he now wishes to focus more on himself, his family and leading a slightly less stressful life. At the same time, we are very happy that he will stay with us in a business development capacity, and carrying out dedicated sales tasks. His new job entails working directly for his own successor, in a supporting role. For me, the very important job of finding that successor is just starting now, but knowing that Jan Tore is not going anywhere gives me peace of mind and ample time to find the right candidate, thoroughly and with no rush, says Almestad.

New Year’s initiative

Leikanger says there are several reasons why he has decided to switch jobs within the company.

- Being CEO will often require your full attention 24 hours a day, and on some of those days I have longed for more time to spend on other things. Parallel to that, Jets Vacuum has grown bigger very fast, and that growth is set to continue. The largest growth is in fact taking place in our onshore markets now. I have felt the desire to get involved with sales and development again, but that is of course hard to combine with being the CEO of what is now a fairly large business. So I took the initiative to find someone to replace me in the managerial chair, so I can spend more time on tasks that are closer to the heart, he says with a smile.

Change of priorities

The smile on his face when speaking about his heart is no coincidence. Behind his decision to step down is a thought process that spans several years, and his first thoughts about it came in the wake of a dramatic cardiac arrest a few years ago. Those thoughts were given more room to mature when he was later also diagnosed with cancer. Although he recovered from both of these serious conditions, he experienced a change of priorities in life.

- I have wanted to spend more time on myself and reprioritize a little, to reduce the risk of future health issues. That is definitely a task that is close to my heart! But that space close to my heart also holds the urge to stay with Jets Vacuum and drive the company forward. In the new business development position that I will eventually take on, I will fortunately be able to do both. Part of me has struggled to let go of the CEO job, but when I finally made up my mind I almost felt a sense of relief. That has to be a good sign, Leikanger says.

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